Our Cars

Audi A8L

Our New 2019 long wheelbase expertly engineered Audi A8L provides maximum comfort when traveling, offering the additional legroom that you require. It provides the perfect driving experience with minimal external noise and the smoothest ride. There is also an extra large boot space to accommodate any items that you need to take with you.

BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 Series performs like a consummate professional, as the flagship of the German giant’s fleet, it has been around since 1977 and boasts an enviable pedigree. It drives like a dream, but in the rear seats passengers will appreciate the generosity of space and comfort which make this vehicle great. The safety features of this car are delivered by intelligent software, allowing the driver to react intuitively to the road. For that extra touch of class, the interior is crafted from the finest materials, and you can also make use of the individual climate control..